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Our 912ER total station is a reflectorless (free prism) total station designed with a RS232C compatible and asynchronous serial data transfer interface, digital input keyboard and a large LCD screen with text data displayed on it. It adopts the absolute code technology for angle measurement, and can read the absolute angle, thus improving the angle measurement performance. The vertical angle doesn't need to be initialized after the total station is powered on, and the horizontal angle can be saved without re-orientation even after the electricity is cut off. This total station also adopts CCD as the receiver, high-speed CPU processor, and the circle to achieve the function of angle reading.

With simple structure, high reliability and stability, as well as multifunctional software, our total station is widely used for various measurement tasks, such as setting out survey, area computation, resection survey, and accurate measurement of coordinate, suspension height, subtense, eccentricity, as well as repetition measurement of angle, etc.

Features of the Total Station
1. Our total station can support as long as twenty hours for angle measurement because of the high-capacity lithium battery.
2. The infrared laser instructions ensure fast and accurate target collimation.
3. With 2GB SD memory card, the total station can store a large amount of measurement data.
4. The users can freely define the function key according to their specific measurement needs.

Specifications of the Total Station
Model 912ER
Length of sleeve 150mm
Objective aperture 45mm
Magnification 30X
Image Erect
Field of view 1º30'
Shortest sighting distance 1.5m
Distance measurement (Good atmospheric condition)
Distance Reflectorless 350m
Single prism: 2km
Triple prism: 3km
Measurement accuracy ± (2mm+2ppm× D) / ± (3mm+2ppm× D)
Measurement speed
Fine mode 1.8s (initial 2.5s)
Fast mode 0.9s (initial 2.5s)
Tracking mode 0.4s (initial 1.5s)
Atmospheric correction range -499ppm~ +499ppm
Prism constant correction range -99mm~ +99mm
Angle measurement
Measurement mode Absolute coding
Signal collection mode 2 signals for horizontal 1 signal for vertical
Accuracy 2"
Minimum reading 1"/5"/10"(optional)
Data feedback time 0.1"
LCD display 2 sides
Memory 50000(5000000 optional, SD expansion card)
Optical plummet
Amplification 3X
Field of view
Image Erect
Range of focusing 0.5m~∞
Sensor Vertical axis compensation
Range of compensation ±3'
Setting accuracy ±1"
Date communication
Date output interface RS232C
Plate level 30" /2mm
Circular level 8'/2mm
Battery Lithium rechargeable battery
Operation time Distance measurement 4h Angle measurement 20h
Voltage 7.2V
Size 190X210X350mm
Weight 6Kg
Accessories Main instrument, battery, charger, cable, software CD, etc.

Note: The letter E contained in the model represents English, L indicates laser plummet, A stands for measuring accuracy:± (2mm+2ppm •D) and R is short for reflectorless.

We is a professional total station manufacturer based in China. In addition, our primary products include automatic level, RTK GNSS receiver F90, electronic theodolite, and BTMS tunnel measurement system, etc.

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