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902EN Total Station

The 902EN total station with IP66 protection grade is designed as per European standard, and offers superior dust and water proof performance. It is especially designed for use in bad working environments.

Designed based on absolute coding technology, it has one encoder for angle measurement and realizes absolute angle reading, and improved angle measurement performance. It eliminates the need for vertical angle initialization when it is powered on. Meanwhile, it can save the horizontal angle without re-orientation when it is powered off.

1. The total station uses a CCD as the receiver and incorporates a high-speed 32-bit CPU. Additionally, it features simple structure as well as high reliability and stability.
2. It supports reflectorless distance measurement.
3. It is available with a large LCD display screen with simple-designed number keys and letter keys. It can be equipped with a 2GB SD card.
4. Large capacity lithium battery ensures long operation time.
5. Visible laser indicator ensures faster and accurate aiming.
6. The product supports data transmission via RS232-C compatible asynchronous serial port.
7. The instrument integrates many measurement applications. It supports area calculation, as well as measurement of coordinate, subtense, suspension height, resection, and more.

Technical Specifications
Model 902EN
Length 150mm
Aperture 45mm
Magnification 30×
Image Erect
Field of view 1°30'
Min. focus distance 1.5m
Distance (200m or 350m)/np, 5.0/1p
Measurement accuracy ± (2mm+2ppm•D)
Measurement time  
Fine mode 1.8s (initial 2.5s)
Fast mode 0.9s (initial 2.5s)
Tracking mode 0.4s (initial 1.6s)
Atmospheric correction Input parameter automatically correction
Prism constant correction Input parameter automatically correction
Angle measurement  
Measurement Mode Absolute coding
Signal collection mode 2signals for horizontal,1signals for vertical
Accuracy 2"
Minimum reading 1"/5"/10"
Diameter of circles 0.1"
LCD LCD, 2 sides
Memory 50000 ,2GB SD card
Sensor Biaxial automatic compensation
Range of compensation ±3'
Setting accuracy ±1"
Date communication  
Date output interface RS232C
Plate level 30"/2mm
Circular level 8'/2mm
Specification 2500mAh the rechargeable Li
Operating Complete unite 5h
Output 7.2V
Size 207X217X352mm
Weight 6.5Kg
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    The instrument features modular design. It comes with built-in routine measurement, configuration management, project management, data management, COGO calculation, and topography measurement modules. Users can design their own measurement procedures in accordance with the specific measurement requirements.
  • 805E Total Station As the total station can realize fast, remote and stable distance measurement, as well as long time angle measurement because of the high-capacity lithium battery, it is now widely used in engineering surveying, teaching and training, precision industrial installation, construction and many other areas. Pre-installed with a variety of application programs, the total station is suitable for layout work, area computation, and accurate measurement of coordinate, suspension height, resection, subtense, eccentricity, angle, etc.