TDJ2Z Autocollimation Theodolite

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TDJ2Z Autocollimation Theodolite

1. With vertical index automatic compensation function, the TDJ2Z autocollimation theodolite offers good capability in anti-high frequency vibration.
2. Colorful reading ensures convenience and clarity.
3. The horizontal and vertical angle measured by an optical micrometer can be accurate to 1"or 1cc.
4. The telescope supports both erect and inverted images, and is compatible with universal tribrach.
5. Due to our unique design of air damping structure, the instrument has stable and reliable performance.

The autocollimation theodolite is widely used in national trigonometric survey, precision traverse survey, layout survey, as well as huge engine installation and computation fields.

Measurement range 0º- 360º
Horizontal standard deviation for one measurement 2"
Vertical standard deviation for one measurement 6"
Magnification 28×
Aperture 40mm
Angle of visual field 1º30'
Shortest visual range 2m
Stadia multiplication constant 100
Stadia addition constant 0
Length 172mm
Spirit level  
Tubular level of the alidade 20"/2mm
Circular level 8'/2mm
Graduated circle and tape measure  
Circle division glass circles: 360°or 400°
Diameter of horizontal circle 90mm
Value of horizontal circle 20'
Diameter of vertical circle 70mm
Value of vertical circle 20'
Optical micrometer 1"
Reading microscope  
Magnification of the horizontal 45.80×
Magnification of the vertical 58.80×
Automatic compensator for vertical circle index  
Compensation of the horizontal ±2'
Leveling accuracy ±0.3"
Optical plummet  
Angle of visual field
Range of focusing 0.5m~∞
Weight 6kg
Height of horizontal axis 221mm
Instrument dimension 310mm×160mm×148mm
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  • TDJ2E Optical Theodolite The X-long pendulum compensator of our optical theodolite can automatically compensate the index error of vertical circle, and has good resistance to high-frequency vibration.
    The color field makes the circle easy to read and ensures clear readings.
    Due to the optical micrometer, the vertical angle and horizontal angle can be directly read to a high accuracy of 1" or 1cc.
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    With the unique design of air damping structure, the instrument can work stably and reliably...