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DAL Digital Level

The DAL digital level is a leveling instrument that can be widely used in engineering survey, topographic survey, and mine surveying. Our DAL0732 and DAL1032 digital level with DS1 grade can be used in the national second class leveling and other precision leveling, with a measuring accuracy of ±0.7mm. In addition, our DAL1528 digital level with DS3 grade is most suitable for the national third and fourth class leveling and the leveling of general project, and comes with a measuring accuracy of ±1.5mm. All these electronic levels can work properly with the temperature ranging from -20 ℃ to +50 ℃.

Features of the DAL Digital level
1. Our digital level has both Chinese and English user interface for option, and is also designed with a function key for the ease of quick measurement.
2. This leveling instrument has a RS-232C data communication interface, and can store 2000 groups of measurement data.
3. The data measured can be either read by the surveyor or automatically displayed by the built-in electronic equipment.
4. The onboard software CD for data processing is also available.

Specifications of the DAL Digital level
Model DAL0732 DAL0732R DAL1032 DAL1032R DAL1528R
Standard deviation for double run per km Optical data-reading ±1.5mm
Electronic data-reading ±0.7mm ±1mm ±1.5mm
Electronic data-reading system Maximum measuring distance 100m
Minimum measuring distance 2m
Time of single measurement 1s
Min. displayed value of elevation 0.1mm 0.1mm 0.1mm 0.1mm 0.2mm
Min. displayed value of distance 1mm
Telescope Magnification 32X 28X
Objective aperture 40mm
Shortest sighting distance 0.5m
Angle of circular level 8'/2mm
Working range of compensator ±15'
Leveling accuracy ±0.3" ±0.5"
Time of leveling 2s
Data output interface - - RS-232C - - RS-232C RS-232C
Internal data storage - - 2000 groups of data - - 2000 groups of data 2000 groups of data
Power 6v/1.3AH rechargeable battery or five 5# alkaline battery
Continuous operating time of battery 10h
Auto power-off time 5min
Weight of instrument 2.5kg
Overall dimension of instrument 244mm x 178mm x 190mm
Protection grade IP55

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