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Laser Plummet Apparatus

Our self-developed laser plummet apparatus is a leveling instrument for professional measurements in the construction industry and many other fields. Based on the optical collimation principle, the semiconductor laser of the laser plummet apparatus can project a visible laser beam that is coincident with the collimation axis of the telescope, and that can be directly observed by the human eye.

The laser plummet apparatus can be used for the measurement of micro deviation relative to the plumb line and the vertical profile of an object. It can also pass the azimuth angle and point location vertically, so it is widely used in the construction works of high-rise building, tall tower, chimney and elevator, and the construction and installation of large-scale mechanical equipment, as well as the supervision and deformation observation of an engineering project. When turning the laser on, please don't directly look at the laser lens in case of eye damage.

Features of the Laser Plummet Apparatus
1. With an integral instrument body, the laser plummet apparatus can produce monochrome high-brightness laser beam.
2. The laser plummet will be automatically turned off if no action is done within a certain time.
3. The telescope is equipped with a removable optical filter, so that the surveyor can easily observe the object.
4. The semiconductor laser of the laser plummet apparatus features small size, light weight, good resistance to vibration, long service life and stable and reliable performance.
5. With the graduated circle, this leveling instrument can achieve accurate measurement and adjustment.

Specifications of the Laser Plummet Apparatus
Model DZJ3-L1
Standard deviation per survey time 1/40000
Angle of plate level 20"/2mm
Telescope Effective aperture 30mm
Magnification 25X
Field of view 1º30'
Shortest sighting distance 1m
Image Reversed
Laser plummet Automatically delayed turn off time 5min
Shortest sighting distance 0.5m
Error of counter point (within0.5~1.5m) ≤1mm
Semiconductor laser Wavelength 635nm
Laser grade 2-level
Effective range of laser Day ≥120m
Night ≥300m
Spot size of laser 40m spot diameter ≤4mm
100m spot diameter ≤6mm
Coaxial error of collimation axis and vertical axis ≤5"
Coaxial error of laser axis and collimation axis ≤5"
Confocal collimation axis and vertical axis ≤1 diopter
Graduated circle quartering 360º
Power 3V
Operation temperature of instrument -10℃~+40℃
Weight of instrument 2.9kg
Size of instrument 130mm×110mm×244mm

Our company is a China-based laser plummet apparatus manufacturer and supplier. We provide a broad range of products, including BTMS tunnel measurement system, total station, digital level, and electronic theodolite, among others.

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