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Our newly developed GNSS receiver is suitable for all the RTK surveying works, and comes with complete functions, good waterproof performance, and beautiful and fashionable appearance. With advanced receiver technology and integrated system design, the RTK GNSS receiver F90 still keeps small size, light weight and low power consumption, convenient Operation, so it is suitable in the fieldwork. The software of RTK GNSS receiver F90 can satisfy the needs of your various projects, like real-time topographic mapping, powerline design, engineering stake, road stake, trace stake, reference-line stake, area calculation and perimeter calculation, and so on.

Features of the RTK GNSS Receiver F90
1. The host system adopts a new ARM architecture based on a 32-bit processor, which ensures high processing speed, good real-time performance and lower power consumption. Compatible with the standard disk file system and USB protocols, this GNSS receiver allows for fast and convenient downloads.
2. Supplied by NovAtel, the host board of our RTK GNSS receiver F90 adopts OEM card, which has 54 channels and can receive GPS satellite signals, GLONASS satellite signals, and SBAS signals. The use of PAC and Vision-related technology effectively eliminates multipath interference signals from the vicinity of the antenna or multipath interference environment, ensuring high accuracy, high reliability and high data-collecting rate of our receiver.
3. It syncretizes the industry-recognized UHF radio data-link technology with international standard and the network communication technology. According to the needs in the different field Operation environment, the user can flexibly choose the data communication mode.
4. The design of RTK GNSS receiver F90, depending on the technology of CORS and the network data transmission, guarantees that the receiver can have seamless access to the CORS (Continuously Operation Reference Stations). Doing RTK surveying with only one mobile station, it is the best choice for CORS in mobile measuring.

Specifications of the RTK GNSS Receiver F90 (F90)
Satellite tracking Tracking signal L1/ L2/ L2C/ C/A P code
Number of channels 54 channels
Measurement accuracy static plane accuracy 2.5mm+1ppm
Static height accuracy 5mm+1ppm
RTK plane accuracy 10mm+1ppm
RTK elevation accuracy 20mm+1.5ppm
Initialization time <10s
Initialization reliability >99.99%
Code differential positioning accuracy 0.45m
physical parameters Volume(diameter X height) 220mm x 120mm
Weight 1Kg(include battery)
Electrical properties  
Host power consumption 2.0W
Battery capacity (2200 x2)mAh
Battery working time RTK: 10h, Static: 16h
External power supply 9-16V DC
Environmental parameters Operation Temperature -20℃ +75℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ +80℃
Humidity 100% without condensation
Performance parameters I/O interface Bluetooth, USB, RS232
Data chain Radio Power 1-25W, adjustable, channel can be set
CDMA/GPRS Built-in communication module
PDA parameters Size 144.25 x 82.25mm x 29.3mm
Weight 0.3g( with battery)
Processor Samsung 2440,400MHz
Operation system Windows Mobile 5.0
Memory 64MB
Storage 2GB
Battery Built-in 2400mAh Li-ion battery
Operation Temperature -20℃ +60℃
Display 3.5"QVGA 262 x144 TFT

We is a professional RTK GNSS receiver F90 manufacturer in China. We provide various types of products such as an automatic level, total station, optical theodolite, and BTMS tunnel measurement system.

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