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The engineering surveying instrument is a new measuring instrument that can realize angle measurement and distance measurement at one time. However, this specific function formerly can only be achieved by using a theodolite with a steel rule or range finder. The angle measurement system of the engineering surveying instrument adopts the absolute code technology, so that the angle can be measured to a high accuracy of 2". The ranging system adopts reflectorless laser ranging technology, with a ranging accuracy of 5mm and a long ranging distance of 100m. This surveying instrument also features large screen display, simple Operation and high cost performance. In addition, it is fully compliant with DIN18723 standard, so it is widely used in the engineering survey of mine, railway, water conservancy projects, and so on.

Specifications of the Engineering Surveying Instrument
Model DA-2
Telescope Length of sleeve 155mm
Objective aperture 45mm
Magnification 30X
Image Erect
Field of view 1º30'
Resolution 2.5"
Shortest sighting distance 1.3m
Multiplication constant 100
Addition constant 0
Angle measurement Measurement mode Absolute coding
LCD display 2 sides
Minimum reading 1"/ 5"
Accuracy x(1) 2"
Diameter of circles 71mm
Laser ranging Ranging distance 100m
Ranging accuracy ± (2mm+2ppm•D)
Illumination LCD Yes
Reticle Yes
Data communication EDM communication interface Yes
Data output interface Yes
Compensator Sensor Vertical angle compensation
Range of compensation ±3'
Minimum reading 1"/ 5"
Plummet Amplification 3X
Field of view
Range of focusing 0.5m-∞
Level Plate level 30"/ 2mm
Circular level 8'/ 2mm
Battery Rechargeable battery Operation time: 20h
Instrument Height 179.5mm
Size 144× 175 × 324mm
Weight 4.8kg

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