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BTMS Tunnel Measurement System

The BTMS tunnel measurement system provide professional tunnel surveying solutions for tunnel construction projects. Due to multiply functions and highly flexible Operations, this piece of equipment can support the whole process of tunnel construction. For example, it can guide the tunnel excavation, measure the tunnel profile to a high degree of accuracy, continuously compare the differences between designed and actual profiles, display the real-time results of overbreak and underbreak, make complex data calculation, store and manage the measurement results, provide a complete data base for the calculation of engineering quantity and cost, and so on.

The BTMS tunnel measurement system has the features of powerful function, simple Operation and high cost performance. For example, it can meet all the measurement requirements for traditional tunnel excavation works. In addition, the design of visualized interface brings convenience for the surveyor. Besides, it can save both labor and material cost while guiding the construction and speeding up the excavation.

Our BTMS tunnel measurement system is widely used in the transportation, water conservancy, urban construction, bridge building, national defense, mining, ship building, civil air defense projects, and so on. Therefore, it can be commonly found in the tunnel engineering of railway and highway; engineering of diversion tunnel in hydropower station, flood discharge tunnel, aqueduct; metro and other underground engineering; installation of large-scale bridge and main beam; measurement, shape control and module docking in shipbuilding; splice installation and measurement of volume calibration in tank manufacturing; maintenance of tunnels and caverns.

Specifications of the BTMS Tunnel Measurement System
Measurement radius 0.2 m~ 200m
Distance measurement Range: single prism 5km/ prismless: 200m
Accuracy: ± (2mm + 2ppm × D)
Angle measurement Accuracy: 2"
Measurement mode Manual Automatic
Date communication RS232 Bluetooth
Continuous operating time of battery >4h
Data storage 30000 points (say 30 points for every profile), CF expansion card
Measurement time for each section Automatic measurement: around 2 ~ 3 min
Measuring angle range 40º~ 320º (Vertical down to zero)

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BTMS Tunnel Measurement System

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