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We is a leading manufacturer of surveying and mapping instruments and a main supplier of comprehensive measurement technologies and services in the world's surveying and mapping industry. Subordinating to Beijing Instrument Industry Group Co. Ltd., We is a key enterprise in the group's scientific instrument unit, and a hi-tech enterprise of Beijing. We is the executive director of the China Instrument Manufacturers Association cum the deputy director-general of the China Association of Surveying and Mapping Instruments, the director of Chinese Society of Geodesy Photogrammetry and cartography, and the contracted equipment manufacturer for the PLA General Armament Department.

The history of We, evolving from Beijing Optical Instrument Factory, a company established in 1958, is the epitome of the development of China's surveying and mapping industry. Having insisted on the development strategy of technical innovation, We has successfully developed optical theodolite, water level, plumb aligner, ranger finder, electronic theodolite, total station, GPS receiver and other products of diverse types and accuracy grades, and become an important R&D and production base for opto-mechatronics precision measuring instruments. In 1995, We qualified the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System certification as the first one of its peers in China. Throughout its half-century development, We has grown into China's most competitive manufacturer for the whole series of surveying and mapping instruments, which are widely applied in geodesy, engineering survey, education and teaching, national defense, monitoring and prospecting etc. Thanks to their excellent performance, superior manufacturing process, and a sound sales and after-service network, We's products have won high praise from their users. The trademark "We" has become a prestigious brand in the world's surveying and mapping industry.

We has a doctoral research station identified by the Ministry of Personnel and an enterprise technology center authorized by the Beijing municipal government. We hold dozens of patents and software copyrights as well. In recent years, we have devoted ourselves to the application of high-tech and focused on the development of close-range photogrammetry system, CCD deformation monitoring system, advanced GNSS receiver, high-performance total station, digital level, and other measurement products and systems. Our unremitting efforts have made us a measurement solution expert in providing our customers with comprehensive measurement technologies and services.

Insisting on the management concept of "people-centered, customer foremost, innovative development and pursuance of excellence", and the enterprise values of "creating together, succeeding together and sharing together", We will continue providing its customers with products and services of the highest quality.

Main Products
  • 802E Total Station The 802E total station enjoys good reputation and high market share, due to its excellent performance and various configurations. It has a high density and large screen display, and the design of alphanumeric key, function key and navigation key allows for convenient Operation. In addition, the key can also be freely defined to meet customers' different measurement needs. Our total station is widely used in engineering surveying, teaching and training, precision industrial installation, construction and many other areas.
    The total station has a large internal memory that can store 50000 points of data. By simulating windows file system resource manager, the data measured can be easily and well managed.
  • TDJ2E Optical Theodolite The TDJ2E optical theodolite is a precision optical instrument that can be used for various professional surveying in the construction and many other fields. As the performance and technical parameters of this product are in full compliance with the GB/T3161-2003 national standard, it can be used for third and fourth class national triangulation, precise traverse survey, setting out survey, and precision machinery installation. Our optical theodolite is usually placed on a universal tripod, and can be commonly found in the hydrological investigation, geological exploration, road laying, water course, bridge, water control projects, urban construction, etc.
    The X-long pendulum compensator of our optical theodolite can automatically compensate ...