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Main Products
  • TDJ2E Optical Theodolite
  • TDJ2E Optical Theodolite The TDJ2E optical theodolite is a precision optical instrument that can be used for various professional surveying in the construction and many other fields. As the performance and technical parameters of this product are in full compliance with the GB/T3161-2003 national standard, it can be used for third and fourth class national triangulation, precise traverse survey, setting out survey, and precision machinery ...
  • 812ERS Total Station
  • 812ERS Total Station The 812ERS total station is an easy-to-use measuring instrument, and comes with a user friendly interface. It can realize reflectorless distance measurement, with a measuring range of 350m. The design of alphanumeric key, user defined function key and navigation key allows for convenient and fast Operation. In addition, only by pressing one function key, the total station can start measuring ...