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  • 802E Total Station The 802E total station enjoys good reputation and high market share, due to its excellent performance and various configurations. It has a high density and large screen display, and the design of alphanumeric key, function key and navigation key allows for convenient Operation. In addition, the key can also be freely defined to meet customers' different measurement needs. Our total station is widely used in engineering surveying, teaching and training, precision industrial installation, construction and many other areas.
  • 805E Total Station As the total station can realize fast, remote and stable distance measurement, as well as long time angle measurement because of the high-capacity lithium battery, it is now widely used in engineering surveying, teaching and training, precision industrial installation, construction and many other areas. Pre-installed with a variety of application programs, the total station is suitable for layout work, area computation, and accurate measurement of coordinate, suspension height, resection, subtense, eccentricity, angle, etc.
  • 802ER Total Station The total station has a large internal memory that can store 50000 points of data. By simulating windows file system resource manager, the data measured can be easily and well managed. The real-time and two-way data communication also enables the user to directly control the total station through programming on a computer.
    Because of the excellent performance and various configurations, our total station sells well in the domestic and overseas market, and is widely used in engineering surveying, teaching and training, precision industrial ...
  • 812ERS Total Station The design of alphanumeric key, user defined function key and navigation key allows for convenient and fast Operation. In addition, only by pressing one function key, the total station can start measuring and recording the measurement data quickly. It also has the advantages of simple Operation, fast and accurate distance measurement, so it is widely applied in various surveying and mapping work.
    This total station can achieve real-time and two-way data transmission with the computer ...
  • 902E Total Station Our 902E total station adopts the absolute coding technology for angle measurement, and can read the absolute angle, thus improving the angle measurement performance. The vertical angle doesn't need to be initialized after the total station is powered on, and the horizontal angle can be saved without re-orientation even after the electricity is cut off. This total station also adopts CCD as the receiver, high-speed CPU processor, and the circle to achieve the function of angle reading...
  • 912ER Total Station Our total station can support as long as twenty hours for angle measurement because of the high-capacity lithium battery.
    The infrared laser instructions ensure fast and accurate target collimation.
    With 2GB SD expansion memory card, the total station can store a large amount of measurement data.
    The users can freely define the function key according to their specific measurement needs.
  • 9002/9102 WinCE Total StationThis instrument uses S3C6410 as the core processor, and runs smoothly on the Win CE6.0 operating system.
    It supports both key operation and touch screen operation modes, bringing users new operating experience. It displays variety types of text and graphics information.
    The instrument features modular design. It comes with built-in routine measurement, configuration management, project management, data management, COGO calculation, and topography measurement modules. Users can design their own measurement procedures in accordance with the specific measurement requirements.
  • 902EN Total StationThe 902EN total station with IP66 protection grade is designed as per European standard, and offers superior dust and water proof performance. It is especially designed for use in bad working environments.
    Designed based on absolute coding technology, it has one encoder for angle measurement and realizes absolute angle reading, and improved angle measurement performance. It eliminates the need for vertical angle initialization when it is powered on. Meanwhile, it can save the horizontal angle without re-orientation when it is powered off.
  • Electronic Theodolite The DJD-E electronic theodolite is a popular geodetic instrument, and comes with big buttons, large-screen text display and full-Chinese Operation interface. It adopts incremental digital angle measurement system, and has angle, distance and other measurement modes for option. In addition, this theodolite can automatically correct the measurement error, with a measuring accuracy of 2", 5", 10" or 20". Our high quality electronic theodolite is ideally suited for fieldwork, and has found applications in control surveying ...
  • Laser Theodolite The laser theodolite is a combination of advanced digital theodolite and modern semiconductor laser, and is a professional measuring instrument that can project a visible laser reference line for accurate measurement in construction and other fields. The display interface with big screen and the Operation panel with big buttons allow for easy Operation. It also has a RS-232C serial communication interface, and can store 500 points of measurement data. When coupled with the diagonal eyepiece ...
  • Absolute Encoder The rechargeable battery with large capacity ensures ultra-long standby of the instrument. The application of online programmable technology also brings convenience for software upgrades.
    With a fashionable and stable tribrach, our high quality electronic theodolite is ideally suited for fieldwork, and has found applications in control surveying, engineering surveying, topographic surveying and other professional surveying.
  • TDJ2E Optical Theodolite The X-long pendulum compensator of our optical theodolite can automatically compensate the index error of vertical circle, and has good resistance to high-frequency vibration.
    The color field makes the circle easy to read and ensures clear readings.
    Due to the optical micrometer, the vertical angle and horizontal angle can be directly read to a high accuracy of 1" or 1cc.
  • TDJ6E Optical Theodolite Due to the optical micrometer, this precision optical instrument can directly read the vertical angle and horizontal angle to a high accuracy of 1" or 1cc. The telescope of the optical theodolite can present either erect images. The unique design of air damping structure makes stable and reliable performance of the instrument possible. The color field makes the circle easy to read with accuracy.
    Manufactured according to the GB/T3161-2003 national standard, the optical theodolite ...
  • TD-1EA Optical Theodolite The TD-1EA optical theodolite can be used for various professional surveying in the construction and many other fields. As the technical specifications of this precision optical instrument are in full compliance with the GB/T3161-2003 national standard, it can be used for third and fourth class national triangulation, precise traverse survey, setting out survey, and precision machinery installation.
    With the unique design of air damping structure, the instrument can work stably and reliably...
  • TDJ2Z Autocollimation Theodolite With vertical index automatic compensation function, the TDJ2Z autocollimation theodolite offers good capability in anti-high frequency vibration.
    Colorful reading ensures convenience and clarity.
    The horizontal and vertical angle measured by an optical micrometer can be accurate to 1"or 1cc.
    The telescope supports both erect and inverted images, and is compatible with universal tribrach.
    Due to our unique design of air damping structure, the instrument has stable and reliable performance.

We is a professional surveying instrument manufacturer and supplier, based in China. Our products include total station, electronic theodolite, optical theodolite, digital level, laser plummet apparatus, RTK GNSS receiver F90, and more.

Durable, accurate, and reliable, our surveying instruments are used for engineering surveying, teaching and training, and precision industrial installations. Also, We's total station, electronic theodolite, automatic level, and more are utilized in building construction, mining surveying, hydrographic exploration, geological prospecting, road paving, urban construction, and more.

Our innovative products, such as digital level, laser plummet apparatus and RTKGNSS receiver, have received dozens of patents and software copyright. We also has established hundreds of sales outlets and maintenance service centers in order to provide professional services and technical support for our valued clients. Through continuous technological innovation, steadfast and reliable product quality, and friendly customer service, we at We are dedicated to advancing the development of the mapping and geographic information industry, and striving to become a world-class measuring instrument and geographic information products supplier.

Thanks to our strict production management system and our attention to quality control, we passed the ISO 9001 quality system certification in 1995, taking a leading role in the Chinese surveying and mapping instrument industry. Many of our total station, optical theodolite, digital level, and other related products have passed the CE certification as well. The high quality of our surveying instrument is continually improved upon by our experts from the R&D Department. We boasts a postdoctoral research station, an enterprise technology center, and dozens of patents and software copyright as well.

We is located in Beijing, the capital of China, where we are close to an international airport and a complete highway network, so we have easy access to convenient transportation. This favorable location also enables us to offer reduced shipping cost for our customers and ensures timely delivery of our products. That is one reason why our economically priced total station, optical theodolite, digital level, and many other products not only sell well in the domestic market, but also enjoy high praise in such places as the United States, Canada, Germany, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Brazil, Russia, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, the Philippines, and other countries and regions around the world.